Taymoor Sohail

TaymoorSohail Campus UOL-Main
Program Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Registration No BSME01103120
Session Fall 2010
Admission Year 01/9/2010
Completion Year 12/6/2014
Gender M
Mobile No 03134448484
Current Email maliktaymoor786@yahoo.com

About Me

My personal accountability regarding my aims, character and objectives states that I always work honestly within the time intervals managed to do so efficiently. I stay regular with my belongings and day tasks which brings a strong and positive sense of responsibility, motivation and self construction to myself. Moreover I always strive to bring quality & stability in the working environment.
- I believe in myself being resourceful for others and do my tasks with sincerity and at proper time according to the commitments. I don't like to be irregular or mismanaged during any kind of work regarding myself or the person or company I work with.
- I feel more sensible and encouraged while working in a team because of my natural behaviour and compatibility with others to understand and respond desirably.
- I am able to solve analytical and practical problems effectively.
- I am cost conscious and aware of the necessary social, cultural, environmental, health and safety.